Collective Impact Lab is a collective body of research covering the field of collective impact (a collaboration of entities working together to solve a complex social problem), primarily through crowdsourced placemaking since 2003. This site features over 1700 entries in a variety of categories, as presented in the right column.

The author is Neil Takemoto, founder of CSPM Group, a collective impact and crowdsourced placemaking firm facilitating the co-creation of communities of ‘emergence‘ (the unscripted bliss that emanates from citizens in a flow state). A list of these projects can be found here.

The Lab’s research supports a collective impact pilot program that will involve funding a full-time community liaison whose responsibility is to establish a collective impact program. The goal is the co-created ‘emergence’ (the tangible results from group flow) of economic and emotional prosperity through conscious real estate development and programming.

This site, and the pilot project are based on the Real Impact (book), Transform Finance (org) principles of what true impact investment is:
1) Projects are primarily designed, governed, and where feasible owned by communities.
2) Investments add more value than they extract.
3) The financial relationship fairly balances risks and returns among all stakeholders.

We are seeking a municipality that embodies the third principle, that is, is willing to structure shared prosperity in exchange for the financing of this program upfront, including the establishment of a 1000-2000 person co-creation community.