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SF provides models for workforce housing: You may be noticing a lot of bicycle posts lately, reflecting a
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250 s.f. condos for first-time home buyers: The median home price in San Francisco is $749,000, so being able
Workforce housing’ and why local businesses want it: Imagine if half of all your employees suddenly couldn’t afford to live
Microhousing affordable to buyers, profitable to developers: There is not a desirable city that exists that doesn’t have a
“Affordable housing doesn’t have to be ugly”: That’s ‘ugly’ in terms of design and craftsmanship, not so much style,
Reader Q&A: Beta communities and economic integration: “Have you explored how beta communities would incorporate affordable housing and/or economic
Key to attainable housing? Combining multiple elements: Nowadays, one affordable housing strategy isn’t enough to make a difference. You
Land trusts preserving attainable housing as well as wilderness: Land trusts, like the Trust for Public Land, are widely known for
Mortgage Helpers’ to the rescue: Condos with built-in rental suites: Does this sound familiar? “I (or we) would love to buy a
Homes by Ikea?: By 2010, 50% of all new homes will be built by just
Is your city a burden to creatives?: If it doesn’t have walkable urban neighborhoods, it could very well be.
Saving on housing costs (part 2) – no more 6% fees?: Continuing yesterday’s entry… The Last Stand of the 6-Percenters – that’s the
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Defining ‘attainable/ affordable’ ‘hard/soft’ lofts: Sometimes brands become so associated with their past that there futures are
Another ‘Why can’t more affordable housing look this good?: If you want a model example of how to blend a new
Why can’t more affordable housing look this good?: Yes, this is affordable housing! It’s one development that visually stood out
More evidence that ‘not so big homes’ are in: The average area of living space per occupant in the U.S. was
How important are not-so-big homes?: Necessary for cities to grow. Let’s put it this way… Say there
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Building places people want AND can afford: It’s the toughest question to answer in urban development, and the
Bohemian Bargains: Have you ever wondered in which city downtowns you could actually afford
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