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iPhone reception – pedestrian plaza tradeoff: Here’s a ‘looking at the bright side’ perspective for iPhone users in
Find city hot spots instantaneously: You know the questions visitors ask, “Where are the city’s hot spots?”
Santa Monica sets free public wi-fi standard: While the market has already assumed a digital infrastructure will succeed our
Digital infrastructure replacing an asphalt one: In 1956 the Federal Aid Highway Act ushered in the auto age,
The quintessential internet city? Tallinn, Estonia: Where?!!! That’s probably a fairly common reaction. Located south of Finland and
10 Most Connected Cities in the World: The most economically, culturally competitive cities will be the first to transition
The most intelligent communities in 2007?: The NY-based Intelligent Community Forum recently announced their Intelligent Communities of 2007
SF the first to transition from asphalt to digital infrastructure: Above: Patrons of People’s Cafe in Upper Haight, San Francisco. Soon they’ll
The race to be the first with wi-fi citywide: …and the winner is Taipei, Taiwan. Taipei just this summer completed its
NY’s newest workplaces – wi-fi parks: With 8 million people living within its borders and a model for
Using ‘cool tech’ to allow indies to compete with chains: If you read yesterday’s entry, you are now aware of what infolust
Free wi-fi for all of San Francisco, courtesy of…: …Google. That’s the offer Google is providing the City of San Francisco,
The downtown WiFi… controversy?: Continuing yesterday’s Small towns that ‘get’ it… Any city that wants to
Have WiFi, will prosper: To the next generation, a downtown just isn’t complete without free WiFi,
Truly innovative CoolTown developers: When’s the last time you came across a real estate developer with
The impact of automated parking garages?: Based on the previous blog, Modern Parking 101, the urban parking garage
Modern parking 101: Say goodbye to parking garages, and hello to valet parking systems. Requiring
Wi-Fi helping create a sense of place?: With wireless internet, traditionalists feared that ‘place’ wouldn’t matter anymore. Indeed, it’s
What’s hot in town tonight? Have your favorite venues tell you: Sometimes it’s a bit overwhelming (or underwhelming) trying to figure out what
Prepping a CoolTown for technology – think gazelles: A CoolTown needs a world class invisible technology system to feed the
Applying IM principles to a CoolTown: Based on what makes IM so popular for next gen-ers (blogged yesterday),
Understanding the market: IM-ing is hot: In thinking of what is insanely popular by the next gen* crowd,
Investing in ‘people places’ over parking: So what does it take to build a place where people quickly
A people village in San Diego: Yesterday’s blog diagrammed the concept of hiding cars on a neighborhood scale.
Hiding a lot more than 17 cars: Yesterday’s blog demonstrated how to hide 17 cars. But what about 500
Find the parking for 24 tenants: Can you find the parking for the 24 tenants who live here?
Making cars disappear: In business terms, cars are a pure expense. They’re also expensive for
Investing in a town with invisible technology: Fiber optics: There are currently about a hundred communities (older listing) that
Free wireless internet for all – on Newbury Street: There’s already a well-established market for going wireless (making technology invisible) at
CoolTowns start with fiber optics, not freeways: In the industrial age, the basic infrastructure is a road network with