Investing in a town with invisible technology

Fiber optics: There are currently about a hundred communities (older listing) that are implementing a comprehensive fiber optic infrastructure. What’s imperative to know is that the cost difference is negligible between providing a fiber vs. a copper network in new communities, yet the profit potential is tremendous. In other words, establishing a fiber optic network in a new community is kind of a no-brainer.

Wireless: Wireless goes hand-in-hand with fiber. One investment group is pioneering a BB-WAM – broadband wireless access mecca. What this means is that anyone and everyone will have wireless internet access throughout a town’s public areas and commercial center. The relatively low cost should be provided by a municipality the same way it funds roads, or it can be financed through a business improvement district.

Customer support! Your town needs a community center that can demonstrate how to take advantages of these income-generating amenities. Technology is often useless without a human to showing you how to use it.

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