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Co-creating places start with collecting stories, sensemaking: A community’s health is often measured by explicit outcomes (e.g. income, jobs,
Young adults, community building, lead downtown revitalization: Let’s try something different in this post. Because I can’t find something
Change agents revitalize a block as they revitalize a home to live in: As is repeated often on this site, it often takes only one
Crowdsourcing placemaking in Portland, Maine: When communities that want change in their built environment have the leadership,
Diversity, crowds key to evolving communities: Sure, our instincts tell us diversity and crowds lead to a greater
Truly getting to know places when traveling: There’s little doubt that there’s no more effective way to understand the
Sense of community rises in down economy: It’s a fairly common phenomenon, when things are bad, people seek camaraderie.
Australia town uses Facebook to revitalize: What better way to follow How Facebook can help build better places
How Facebook can help build better places: Yes, it’s no coincidence that the founders of Facebook are of the
Social business, microfinance + crowdsourcing: Inspired after listening to Nobel Peace Prize winner Muhammad Yunus, founder of
Local fashion meets neighborhood pride: No one in their creative right mind (no pun intended) would wear
Social network bilingual’ a rising skill in creative communities: First, the definition of bilingual – communicating in two languages fluently, or
What do ‘viral loops’ have to do with communities worth billions?: First of all, what’s a viral loop? Viral comes from viral marketing
Having fun connecting with people over food, play and making an impact: There are many of us who feel that food, play and contributing
How does your city stack up among ‘America’s Most Romantic’?: Some cities have that intangible quality that sets them apart. I think
When building community, focus on the content, not the process: You’ve been to those evening neighborhood meetings… lots of talk about resistance
Social responsibility a boon to local neighborhoods: How valued is the word local in the modern economy? A lot.
Community vs money? Is it really that simple?: Balancing a sense of community vs. financial wealth isn’t a known inversely
Top 10 ways to build a modern sense of community: A common question is how does one build a sense of community?
Face-face social networking on the rise in condos: We all know emerging populations are migrating to social networking websites by
The first VIBE beta community meets in DC: Last night, 14 people – Lisa, Angela, Christian, Mike, Sarah, Joey, Justin,
Reader Q&A: “Can you give sources for your photos? I always love ’em and want to follow up.”: Let’s do one better. Why don’t we all pool our most inspiring
Beta community designs a neighborhood their way in Germany: We recently answered the question How can a City establish a ‘beta
How to establish your own beta community: There’s a key neighborhood street block in your downtown that could be
A little help establishing a sense of community where there is little: It’s not uncommon for many of the residents of a neighborhood not
Downtowns can learn from creatives fleeing MySpace as well: The bad news is, once a place is on an irreversible track
“Welcome, we are building an inclusive community”: That’s the official sign you’ll see in sixty-eight cities across 28 states
Building community among main street business owners: Few elements define the character of a neighborhood better than the main
The physics of relationships… in cooltowns: I’m delving into sensitive material here, but since the heart of community
New Orleans’ French Quarter spared: Considered one of the most beautiful (and active, being a focal point