New Orleans’ French Quarter spared

Considered one of the most beautiful (and active, being a focal point for Mardi Gras) neighborhoods in the country, many feared the destruction of the historic French Quarter after Katrina. Thankfully sitting on the highest ground in New Orleans, the community rose above the flooding.

As covered in this popular AP story, the neighborhoods’ residents, many of whom are the working poor living above the restaurants and bars that cater to the more affluent, refused to leave their beloved community, even with no power or water. “They may have to shoot me to get me out of here. I’m much better off here than anyplace they might take me.” “It’s our community center.” “The French Quarter is the blood line of New Orleans. They can’t let anything happen to this.”

As far as they have anything to say about it, Mardi Gras will go on as planned.

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