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Crowdsourced resource for innovative ‘legacy city’ placemaking: While cities that lost more than 50% of their population since their
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SF’s ‘parklets’ trade parking for people: If all continues to go well, San Francisco’s business and resident groups
Placemaking primer for crowdsourcing places: If you’re going to crowdsource places for creatives, it’s pretty clear you
Geneva’s pedestrian historic district: Geneva, Switzerland, central to United Nations relations (ie known as the ‘Peace
Sense of community rises in down economy: It’s a fairly common phenomenon, when things are bad, people seek camaraderie.
Vision for Detroit?: The question often asked in Michigan, and the U.S. in general nowadays,
A piazza in Philadelphia!: Real estate developer Bart Blatstein definitely has Rome on the brain. While
GOOD’s ‘complete street’ interactive graphic: What happens when the folks at Good Magazine, where the triple bottom
PPS Top 10 Placemaking Trends: Project for Public Spaces (PPS), the leading resource for public placemaking, revealed
Detroit’s downtown bright spot: There may not be a lot going right economically in Detroit, but
Proscriptive code for creatives’ dream town?: We’ve looked at what a proscriptive code is, and examples of proscriptive
A city’s DNA – proscriptive codes: In the previous entry, Cities today use ‘prescriptive’ codes, but what came
Cities today use ‘prescriptive’ codes, but what came before that?: All cities have planning codes which predetermine street widths, building heights and
New York City’s ‘World Class Streets’ vision: What happens when you combine one of the world’s premiere creative cities
Planning’s’ Great Places in the U.S. 2008: There are few better authorities for comparing the thousands of neighborhoods, streets
Real world ‘discussion forums: The online world centers around conversation, via discussion forums, chat rooms, comment
NY ped plaza goes from plan to reality in 3 months: In May 2008 the NYC DOT (Department of Transportation) announced plans for
Maryland’s first real piazza: How do you top Maryland’s first pedestrian-only street in several decades and
NYC continues its pedestrian renaissance: Manhattan is on a roll – first there’s Summer Streets where major
Best new European urban neighborhoods in the last 25 years: There really is no better model than Europe for walkable neighborhoods, so
SF’s Ferry Building Marketplace inspires urban life: How do you breathe new life into a city waterfront? Check out
From an auto alley to a pedestrian plaza or… Private sector success spurs public sector program:
Crowdsourcing architecture?: One principle that our crowdsource-based beta communities agree with is that ‘design
Trendsetting cities, neighborhoods looking at pedestrian-only streets: Near the top of many progressive, creatives‘ lists one will find San
Kansas City’s new outdoor ‘living room: It’s not a model for supporting local independent businesses, certainly not a
PPS’s checklist for making great cities: Every once in a while a checklist is highly beneficial to remind