Placemaking primer for crowdsourcing places

If you’re going to crowdsource places for creatives, it’s pretty clear you need to start with a core group of creatives. However, if you’re going to crowdsource the planning of urban districts for creatives, often sharing many of the same principles as the Smart Growth movement, it would be highly beneficial if everyone had a copy of the Smart Growth Manual as a reference.

Crowdsourcing a business or building is one thing, but planning urban development on a block or neighborhood level starts to get a bit more sophisticated. Authored by Andres Duany, Jeff Speck with Mike Lydon, the Smart Growth Manual provides what is probably the most effective, efficient way to gain a base education on the principles of good urban design, especially if you’re a creative.

From Andres in an interview today, “The book is a survey of the propositions of the leading Smart Growth resources in one book. It was written for the participant in the public planning process. Only in the last 20 years has the citizen been empowered to participate. It’s all to educate the crowd, including local elected officials. You can read it in 2.5 to 3 hours, or read one page a day for six months (it takes about 30 seconds). It’s a low threshold book.”

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