Crowdsourced Placemaking Archive

A model for cooperative community development: When you hear about models for a better society, it is often
The rise of mutual stakeholding: When it comes to understanding what humanity needs to thrive, it may
A collection of terms associated with co-created change: When explaining the movement to evolve how we develop and steward the
A new era of crowdsourced real estate development is upon us: The problem: Real estate development has one of the worst reputations in
Why Tactical Urbanism is key to revitalizing cities: Tactical Urbanism is a fundamental placemaking tool for including citizens in shaping
Does crowdsourcing places result in better design?: “Never ask the consumer about the future. You can ask them what
Tactical Urbanism: Short-term action for long-term change: See updated version of this article here. Why wait for neighborhood change
Learning from the Burning Man principles in our cities: This is the ultimate demonstration of crowdsourced placemaking in the world: 70,000
A model for crowdplacemaking is… in Vegas?: What happens when you take a crowdsourced pop-up city of 60,000 people
Crowdsourcing a pop-up city of 60,000 in the desert: One week, it’s a vast desert revealing zero signs of any kind
Crowdsourced placemaking goes regional in Long Island: While a number of communities are taking on the crowdsourced placemaking of their downtowns,
People would crowdsource piazzas if they had the chance…: If given the opportunity to crowdsource a vision for their downtown, what
Bristol’s 2-year crowdsourced placemaking success story: This is a follow up story to “Bristol crowdsources piazza into downtown
What is crowdsourced placemaking?’ video: It’s been over four years since I posted the What is crowdsourced
Crowd sources revitalization of their downtown… in big way: When Renaissance Downtowns, a visionary triple-bottom-line real estate development firm that won
City of Birmingham hints at crowdsourced placemaking: While we have examples of the private sector crowdsourcing places and the
Hilo, HI: First crowdsourced placemaking municipality: Crowdsourced placemaking had been a private sector sponsored success in Bristol, CT,
Popularise’ looks to crowdsource storefront businesses: The sons of a big-time developer in Washington DC learned enough about
Big Head’ and ‘Long Tail’ both key to placemaking: As we’re witnessing in communities from the Middle East to Wall Street,
The crowdsourced placemaking grant list: Demand sparks supply, so let’s get a list of cities that want
Revitalizing a struggling downtown: Crowdsource it… or not: With the Village of Hempstead, Long Island, New York, when a development
New “Crowdsourcing for Idiots” book features town: There’s a plethora of books on crowdsourcing out there, but only one
Crowdsourcing a ‘Better Block’ in Memphis: Inspired by the Better Block Program in Oak Cliff, Dallas, Texas that
Bristol crowdsources piazza into downtown plan: People often ask, “How does crowdsourced placemaking work in the real world?”
The state of crowdsourced placemaking winter ’11: Being that there really is no other resource on crowdsourced placemaking, here’s
Cities look to crowdsource change in their ‘hoods: When it comes to crowdsourcing, there’s not much compelling about the Give
First ever city-wide crowdsourced placemaking community: That would be Bristol, Connecticut, population 61,000. In the summer of 2010,
Crowdsourced placemaking FAQ: Crowdsourced placemaking is a fun, exciting way people can help shape the
Bristol, Connecticut first to crowdsource large-scale place: What better to talk about on a site that’s committed to crowdsourced
Crowdsource Placemaking Lab opens: This is a site for defining, talking about and providing examples of