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Copenhagen the birthplace of the pedestrianization movement?: Quite often, a movement will have a starting point and a champion.
Tokyo’s bohemian destination: In surveys about where young people want to live, Shimokitazawa, a rare
Reader Exp: “What makes Vancouver great”: Today’s entry is part of my favorite series on this site, ‘Reader
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Monocle Magazine’s international cool cities guide: Shouldn’t there be a multimedia magazine by now that captures cool culture,
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The happiest people in the world: …live in Copenhagen, Denmark, say the polls. Continuing our series of looking
The quintessential internet city? Tallinn, Estonia: Where?!!! That’s probably a fairly common reaction. Located south of Finland and
Barcelona is creatively stacked: As stated just previously via Spiegel’s review of Europe’s Coolest Cities, an
An Inside Look at Europe’s Coolest Cities: You’ve seen lots of rankings of cool cities based on opinions, but
How South Beach became popular (before it became too popular): Today South Beach, Miami FL is no longer known as a place
If ever in Mexico City, happen upon Condesa: Words used to describe Condesa, a turn-of-the-century neighborhood in Mexico City: urban,
Pittsburgh’s creative center – South Side: As stated yesterday, every city has its creative center, and South Side,
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World’s Best Cities’ to visit (Part 1): If you were looking to travel the world to discover and learn
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The city most of the French prefer living in (not Paris): Yes it’s in France, and 65% of its citizens named Montpellier as
Economic Development and Smart Growth: Rarely are they mentioned in the same sentence, but it’s when smart
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Checking out the SF Bay Area: Over the holiday break I revisited the San Francisco Bay Area to
Vancouver thrives by dispelling planning myths: Vancouver is often labeled as one of the most livable cities in
Why can’t we have places like this?: Why not? Count how many cars there are. Zero. Ironically, it’s designed