If ever in Mexico City, happen upon Condesa

Words used to describe Condesa, a turn-of-the-century neighborhood in Mexico City: urban, eclectic, diverse, bohemian, chic, indie, cafe culture…

Types of people who characterize Condesa: Movie directors, novelists, soap opera writers, musicians, painters, architects, academics…

Venues you’ll find: Outdoor cafes, art galleries, exhibits, hotels w/ ipod-furnished rooms, the largest bookstore in Latin America, innovative restaurants and bars with avant-garde architecture…

Architectural styles you’ll experience: Experimental architecture with a number of contemporary “airy, angular, steel, concrete and glass apartment buildings”, yet still humanistic, sprinkled among the most Art Deco buildings south of Miami.

For a bohemian guide to what’s cool in Condesa, check out Daily Candy’s travel brief here.

Typical quotes from Condesa residents:
“There are people who never leave Condesa. There’s everything. There are restaurants, there are bars, there are places to dance.”
“The one thing I really like is the mix of people.”
“Here, it’s easy to make friends. It’s a community with much conviviality.”
“I wouldn’t know where else to live.”

Image source: Matisse

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