Mixed-Use Developments Archive

A model for cooperative community development: When you hear about models for a better society, it is often
Facebook invests in social networking urban village: Like this! It was just a matter of time before Facebook began
Creating nature with an urban village in Seattle: This is apparently Seattle’s first transit-oriented development (TOD). If it gets better
Austin’s “The Triangle” sets standard for town center retail: The vast majority of large-scale mixed-use development projects in the past have
Ten principles for infill in natural cultural districts: What’s the key to revitalizing a downtown and/or neighborhood via urban development?
Remixing the supermarket: The first thought may be when looking at this photo may be,
Creative village in Orlando?: What do you do with an abandoned city-owned 68-acre parking lot and
Sustainable urban village block rises in Ohio: Regular readers may be familiar with the East College Street Project, a
Creative cluster urban village in Wales: Looks like the creative industries will have a vibrant home in Swansea
Living above the big box: Sometimes a giant supermarket or big box store like Home Depot coming
Redefining what a creative building is: Would you live, work or play here? For many creatives, the answer
New old canal loft district for creative economy: The City of Lowell, Massachusetts is committed to growing its creative economy.
Crowdsource ’64 to 2250′ walkable density?: It’s been well documented recently that suburbia is on the decline, and
Shopping mall turned walkable neighborhood: In the 1960s Holladay (within the Salt Lake City metropolitan area) made
Small town absorbing growth in the center: What happens when your population doubles from 10,000 in 2000 to 20,000
The atrium lofts that helped transform a city: The development firm Urban Splash’s pioneering founder, Tom Bloxham was profiled in
A vision becomes reality in Pasadena: Way back in November 2005 we published the projected vision of the
KC creatives get what they want – attainable downtown lofts: It’s been kind of an oxymoron – attainably-priced urban lofts. With the
Parking garage transformed into residential complex: It’s a sign of the times – a parking garage in Los
An artist/musician ‘community in a building’, Syracuse, NY: There are numerous cities and neighborhoods with a reputation for attracting creatives,
Pasadena’s urban village a result of city’s vision: A year and a half ago we profiled Pasadena’s Central District Specific
Rockville, MD really laying on the urban fabric: Rockville, MD may not have a reputation for being a creative urban
Reinventing the ‘burbs, sort of: The civic leaders of St. Louis Park, an inner-ring suburb of Minneapolis,
Durham turns the corner from industrial to information economy: Yesterday’s entry profiled how a French town evolved from the industrial age
A rising place in a rising district: Does your town have a manufacturing district that just feels very 1960s?
NY Times – What did three college graduates have to do with a $15 million urban village?: That’s right, they’re the developers, and four years later, they’re in the
From deteriorated industrial center to stylish public attraction: As the Netherlands shifts from industry to knowledge-based economy, they certainly know
Carlsbad, CA sure to attract the creative class…: …IF they continue to support more developments like Poinsettia Commons, a $55
Urban modular housing on a sliver of a site: While not exactly fitting in height-wise with the surrounding buildings, developer Scott
First a lumberyard is transformed into an urban village. What next – a pub?!: Most people haven’t exactly heard of Collingswood, New Jersey. It borders Camden,