An artist/musician ‘community in a building’, Syracuse, NY

There are numerous cities and neighborhoods with a reputation for attracting creatives, but what about buildings in particular? There are places like the Torpedo Factory in Alexandria, VA that provide studio and retail space for artists, but what about to live and play as well? That’s where Rick Destito and his Vibrant Syracuse Spaces in Syracuse comes in.

Rick’s a next generation developer who owns a five-story historic warehouse building in an up and coming creative district. However, he’s not interested in leasing or selling out the floors to whatever tenants will pay him (which is pretty much 90% of the way developers operate), he’s looking at this building as being the portal for what defines the future of Syracuse, “This isn’t just about a couple of apartments or houses anymore. This is about creating a kick ass city to live in!” he says.

So unless you’re an artist or musician, this building is not for you. The top three floors will be attainably priced live-work studio/lofts, the second floor will be studios similar to that of the Torpedo Factory, and the ground floor is looking to provide exhibit, performance and third space experiences. The basement will host practice spaces for aspiring bands, and the rooftop garden will catalyze creative exchanges.

Rick’s also committed to the beta community program to crowdsource the building’s development – more on that to come. Stay tuned tomorrow for an interview with Rick.

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