Pedestrian Only/Carfree Archive

Pedestrian Streets in the U.S.: While there are several dozen entries on car free places (presented in
Pedestrian-only/car-free trends toward the crowd: The demand for pedestrian-only places is increasingly being met. A few of
Pedestrian-oriented, car free update Fall 2010: What are the latest signs of a growing market for developing neighborhoods
Top reasons why no car-free hoods in the U.S. 2010… yet: It’s a simple idea and the demand is certainly there, but why
Cape Town’s spectacular World Cup fan walk: So, you’re South Africa and hosting the biggest event in the world,
Cairo to go pedestrian-only in downtown: One of the most dangerous cities for pedestrians will soon become one
Design cities for people instead of cars by 2030: What will our cities look like in 2030 when we’ve run out
Car-free areas in Times Square become permanent: It’s official, as Mayor Bloomberg of New York City announced on February
Car free city for a day in Washington DC: What would a car free city be like? DC residents got a
Geneva proposes 200 streets as pedestrian only: As creatives are increasingly preferring a world beyond cars in natural cultural
Pedestrian movement accelerates in ’09: The attitude among creatives is increasingly becoming aligned with the notion that
San Francisco’s new pedestrian plaza opens: Less than five months after announcing a plan to transform a San
Opinions on going car-free in the U.S.: While it’s plenty viable in just about any other country, what’s the
Car-free for many in new German neighborhood: Over two years ago we covered how a community of progressive people
NYC’s significant Plaza Program selects winners: Introduced almost a year ago, the NY Plaza Program (a CoolTown Top
SF and NY playing a pedestrian-only duet: New York City may be playing the lead tune when it comes
Times Square goes car free – permanently?: I think we have definitely hit the pedestrian walk tipping point. First
San Francisco’s busiest street considers going car-free: Fitting with the previous entry, ‘People over cars’ begins to hit mainstream
Emerging generations going car free In Japan: It’s a 180-degree trend reversal in Japan, where emerging generations no longer
Hong Kong’s tri-level pedestrian street system: So if Copenhagen, Denmark is arguably the birthplace of the modern pedestrianization
Copenhagen the birthplace of the pedestrianization movement?: Quite often, a movement will have a starting point and a champion.
Montreal pedestrianizes 12 blocks for the summer: For those who relish the pedestrian-only districts that are prevalent in Europe,
Park(ing) Day 2008: For those of you who have casually wondered what an auto-oriented street
NYC’s streets to plazas (before and after): In another example of a picture being worth a thousand words, here
Pedestrians rise as parking era comes to an end: Parking for cars with every new building has been the law since
Spain’s permanent ‘block parties: g src=”/wp-content/uploads/2013/05/madrid-plazadechueca.jpg” style=”padding-bottom: 8px; padding-right: 8px” align=left title=”Plaza De Chueca, Madrid, Spain”
San Francisco’s ‘Ciclovia’ – ‘Sunday Streets’: On two glorious days on August 31 and September 14, 2008, the
Portland’s ‘Sunday Parkways’ sans cars: As a follow up to the previous entry, Portland Striving to be
More community = less architect: ‘The Turf: In the continuing more community less architect series, we take a look
Video of the first car-free street day in Manhattan: Thanks to Streetfilms! August 9, 2008 will go down in history as