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Mass customizing high style, low cost furniture: While Ikea is defining an entire generation of furniture buyers with their
A shift from mass branding to individual stories: People are changing their status quo preference of keeping up with the
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Rise of the wiki community: Hundreds of people in your neighborhood have moments of brilliance on what
Architecture goes open source: On one hand, there are thousands of architectural innovations that could be
What do potato chips and cool towns have in common?: Answer: You can co-design your own. Regulars to this site are familiar
Tools for co-designing your next building, community…: As you know, each succeeding generation of products and services is increasingly
The secret weapon in developing cool towns… ‘You: What does Web 2.0, the most intelligent communities of 2007, the beta
Beta community designs a neighborhood their way in Germany: We recently answered the question How can a City establish a ‘beta
Customer-led’ urban design center opens in St. Paul: In a time when five indie films take all five Oscar nominations,
Customer-led economy – customers getting paid?! Part 2 of 2: Yesterday in Part 1, we looked at the different models of a
Customer-led economy ‘leading’ to cool towns? Part 1 of 2: You’re hearing more and more how customers are participating in the decision-making
Putting the spirit into co-designing your own community: The beta community is well underway in Louisville, KY, allowing future tenants
Saving on housing costs (part 2) – no more 6% fees?: Continuing yesterday’s entry… The Last Stand of the 6-Percenters – that’s the
Social online worlds a preview of our physical worlds?: Automakers build fully-working computer models of the cars they’re about to build,
Priming the pump for ‘customer-driven’ placemaking: As mentioned yesterday, we are fully immersed in a customer-driven economy, and
All ‘signs’ lead to a new town: There are two million people who know sign language (not necessarily deaf),
What’s next? ‘Customer-made’ places: We all have opinions on how we’d improve the places we live,
More choices = more successful downtowns?: If there’s more variety and choice, will people purchase less or more?
Lego shows the future of town building?: Why is it that you have to choose neighborhoods that other people
Is smaller becoming better?: First, the facts: World Wildlife Federation (WWF) research shows people are consuming
“Open DJ” night drawing crowds…: Ever feel so good about a song or two that you wished
The beta community: We are evolving into a customer-driven economy, where customers are so well-informed
The “age of I”: The “age of I” What is the “age of I”? Individualism with
BusinessWeek: The Vanishing Mass Market: BusinessWeek: The Vanishing Mass Market (New poll up!) BusinessWeek: The Vanishing Mass
CoolTowns: Created by buzz: Motion picture studios know why some of their movies become hits –
How does one interpret a CoolTown market?: In other words, how do you transform the vision of hundreds or
The art of interpreting what the market really wants: What distinguishes a successful company from a bankrupt one is how well
Understand your market via ethnography: One of the most effective ways to understand your target market, such