Design your own office space

From an interview with Architect Magazine, I stated how the next generation of architects will work with the creative vision of progressive future tenants rather than the opinion of one developer, with a lot less ego to go around. At the Balcom Agency in Fort Worth, Texas, you can get a hint of things to come in interior design.

From a Design Sponge article, rather than spend the entire interior design budget on one firm, the company distributed $300 to each employee to design their own office space. Of course, you can imagine interior designers, architects would think it a travesty to give their budget away to ‘amateurs’, but the results and comments speak for themselves:

“That’s such a great way to encourage employees to enjoy their workspace (and their jobs) even more. A+ to the boss of that company!”

“That is one of the best ideas. I’ve worked in a creative field for 18+ years and have been through those moments when the team frustratingly asks ‘how can we make our environment more inspiring?’ – no one ever thought of offering a budget to personalize individual spaces. love it!!”

“What a great boss-how fun!”

“I hope more companies start following this model.”

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