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Solar cities… inevitable?: Going green is of central importance to ‘creatives’, thus this first entry
Michelle Kaufmann’s green dev resource: If you’re looking for a reliable green resource regarding placemaking and design,
Green orgs crowdsourcing DC homes: If there’s one thing I’m glad to see, it’s not just nonprofits
The first coworking space for green biz?: There’s no question what the first green business incubator is – it’s
Dutch town of Venlo going ‘cradle to cradle: First of all, what’s cradle to cradle? It essentially means all waste
Can attainable green condos be crowdsourced?: Following the announcement of a green home crowdsourcing program in July 2008,
Green home crowdsourcing program launches: Buying an attainably-priced green home is a no brainer for most creatives
Most Fuel-Efficient Neighborhoods: In response to a time when commuters are looking at alternatives to
Carbon-free green city planned near Shanghai: On an island near Shanghai, China formed by the accumulation of, silt
Ten defining principles for a true green community: There’s a ton of buzz on green communities sprouting up everywhere, and
The first zero-energy community in North America?: Being that a zero-energy community means 100% renewable energy, that’s no small
Zero-energy community in the UK: There’s a lot of talk of zero-energy (100% renewable energy) urban communities,
The first 100% fully wind-powered town in the U.S.: Rock Port, Missouri may only have a population of 1300, but it
Carbon footprint per passenger mile: For those of you wondering what the carbon impact is between walking,
Being authentically green goes beyond ‘gizmo green: As urban designer Steve Mouzon states, there’s a lot of press on
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Creative lessons from a green greenfield village: Readers of this website know we don’t normally cover greenfield developments, that
Finally, a one-stop-shop for green building materials: If you wanted a resource for green building materials you had more
The 50 Greenest Cities in the U.S.: Sure, it’s yet another green city list, but we try to cover
Zero carbon, zero car city in Abu Dhabi: The list is impressive for Masdar, Abu Dhabi’s grand experiment (ground breaking
Cool spots’ – Identifying low carbon neighborhoods: A picture is worth a thousand words, which is why the folks