Being authentically green goes beyond ‘gizmo green

As urban designer Steve Mouzon states, there’s a lot of press on ‘gizmo green‘; the technology-oriented inventions from hybrids to bamboo floors. However, his website reminds us of The Original Green before technology as we know it today, consisting of the fundamental elements of what’s needed to truly go green before gizmo green is introduced.

He defines The Original Green in two phases, with four foundations each:

Sustainable Places
Feedable – Starting with the basic needs, is a sustainable agriculture within a few miles?
Accessible – Do you have a choice other than driving to get around?
Serviceable – Are daily amenities and affordable housing provided… and accessible?
Defensible – We no longer need medieval walls (though some still need gates), but is public safety (ie ‘eyes on the street’) built in?

Sustainable Buildings
Lovable – If it’s not designed to be beautiful and loved to begin with, it won’t last.
Durable – If it’s mass produced with cheap materials, don’t expect it to be there in 100 years.
Flexible – Form-based urban fabric allows uses (retail, residential, office) to change over time while the buildings stay the same.
Frugal – Can your building live a simple life? Read Steve’s description of a frugal building to do it justice.

See extensive profiles of each of these qualities including a collection of inspiring photos on Steve’s Original Green site.

Thanks to Andy Malone of Asgard Development for the reference.

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