Reader experience: Pedestrian-only district in Dublin

Since there are too many inspiring places for one person to absorb, it is our customer-driven fashion to let our readers show you what’s out there, and more importantly, what could be realized in your city.

Today’s reader discovery is on Temple Bar, a cultural, retail-entertainment-residential pedestrian-only (see map) district in downtown Dublin, Ireland, as experienced by Kamile Kay, a knowledge worker in Virginia and occasional world traveler:

“I like it since it was pedestrian only and not just one block, but blocks and blocks. It had a very hip, yet historical feel. I didn’t go out at night but supposedly it’s just a big party in the streets.

Every Saturday it has an open air market that sells everything from handmade jewelry to food. There were fresh fruit stands, a butcher for fresh meat, a cheese stand, an olive stand (barrels and barrels of different kinds of olives) plus you could buy pre-made lunch items such as empanadas or kabobs that you could eat while walking around. There was even an area that sold oysters on the half shell. It was great! I was so impressed that it was a regular weekly thing.”

I’ll start categorizing reader experiences here. Tomorrow, how to cultivate a Temple Bar district in your community.

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