The ‘little urban experiences’ of Buenos Aires

Looking for a little ‘hands on’ inspiration for a cool town? Venture south of the equator to Argentina

Making the list of both Fast Company magazine’s 30 Fastest Cities to Work, Live and Play and Travel + Leisure’s World’s Best Cities’ to Visit is quite a feat, so what is Buenos Aires attraction? Referred to as the Paris of the South, here’s a fitting local viewpoint:

“Buenos Aires is not a place for grand sights or world famous buildings**, it’s more about the little urban experiences such as stumbling across a passionate tango display in the street (watched with as much appreciation, if not more, by locals as tourists), catching the purple jacaranda blooms in November, enjoying the occasional graphics and murals, trying not to notice tongue-entwined lovers on a bench while strolling a landscaped park, shopping for high quality local goods at very low prices, eating out at one of BA’s sophisticated restaurants for the price you would pay for breakfast in Paris – and starting to party at 3 a.m.”

On the edgier, less-traveled, culturally-enriching side…

“La Boca’s (a neighborhood in ‘B.A.’) cobblestone streets and somewhat dilapidated yet brightly painted, multi colored tin buildings, serve as a haven for the many artists who use this area to display their excellent works. To spend a little time in the ‘Caminito’, the pedestrian area of La Boca, is a ‘must do’ and photo opportunities are a given here. Entertainment is constant and street performers are busy dancing the Tango, posing as mimes, or performing musical numbers on a variety of instruments.”

Finally, from an expat

“I find that this city doesn’t simply attract creative types; it spawns them. There are plenty of former workin’-for-the-man defectors from countries around the world who choose BA for its charm, vibrancy and low cost of living, and though they might be expecting to settle into a nice little quasi-retirement, what many are finding is that they are inspired to engage in creative pursuits of all kinds. Technology, talent and tolerance… BA has these, plus tango! It’s fascinating to see what expats are bringing to this equation–namely, capital, connections and confidence. It’s a creative soup that is simmering with surprising flavors.”

**This illustrates the point behind this rather graphic graphic’s lead title posted just previously.

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