Why can’t we have places like this?

Why not? Count how many cars there are. Zero.

Ironically, it’s designed by a U.S. firm, the sterling urban design firm, RTKL. Unfortunately for the U.S., this development, called Huadi Kunshan New City, is envisioned for Kunshan, China. So why is China so darn lucky?

Because most people in China walk rather than drive, developers are confident they can build a neighborhood de-emphasizing cars. While this isn’t true for the average American citizen, such a neighborhood would appeal to millions. For instance, only half of Manhattan’s 1.5 million population even has a driver’s license; most students at university campuses don’t have a car; and then there’s the car free crowd. Then you’ve got kids, and the elderly…

The Riverwalk in San Antonio is a good start, though this particular development here provides a significant amount of housing and workplaces blended in with the retail. Such a modern Venice is coming someday…

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