A collection of terms associated with co-created change

When explaining the movement to evolve how we develop and steward the places we live, work and play, it’s sometimes easier to allow each of us to look at the components of this ecosystem of co-created change and allow new systems to emerge. A comprehensive list of these demonstrates this is indeed a significant and vastly growing movement:

General Terms
Co-Creation – the act of creating something together to produce a mutually valued outcome.
Emergence – higher-order complexity arising out of a multiplicity of simple interactions
Mutual Aid, Mutalism, Mutual Stakeholding – participation that mutually benefits everyone included
Collective Impact – a group of diverse organizations working together under a shared vision vs in isolation
Self Organization – process of achieving a goal by identifying the most efficient path for doing so

Organizational Terms
Inclusive Stakeholding – investment that includes all stakeholders
Catalytic Collaboration – framework for catalytic organizations facilitating emergence
Open Participatory Organization – framework for facilitating emergence in an organization
Agile Organization – entity quick to respond to changes in the marketplace or environment
Learning Organization: entity that facilitates member learning and continuously transforms itself
Open Innovation – framework that integrates external innovation
Democratic Management – managers reach decisions with employee input but make final decision
Stage Five Tribal Leadership – 2% of workplace tribes, “life is great” history-making project executed
Self-Organizing Collective Intelligence (SOCI) – Resourcing a mutualistic community to solve complex problems.

Processes + Tools
Design Thinking – user-driven product/service design
Crowdsourcing – the act of outsourcing a task to a crowd
Indie Philanthropy – decentralized, daring funding alternatives to mainstream philanthropy
Crowdfunding – the act of outsourcing funding to a crowd
Group Flow – when a group of individuals are in flow simultaneously
Open Source – co-created software that is freely available
Sensemaking – framework for mass understanding of the unknown
Sharing Economy – goods/services are temporarily accessed, not owned

Participatory Budgeting – government program that allows citizens to prioritize budget spending
Prefigurative Politics – the political strategies that model a future society on a micro level
Cooperatives – one person, one vote; an entity created, owned and run jointly by its members

Place-Based Terms
Catalytic Development – revitalizing distressed neighborhoods
Crowdsourced Placemaking – co-creation of revitalized neighborhoods/places
Fractional Ownership/Tokenization – enabling people to own shares in buildings
Communitas – when group flow moves into place-based co-creation
Community Capital – democratization of capital for small business and citizen investors
New Urbanism – movement for walkable communities design standards
Smart Growth – movement for walkable community policy
Creative Placemaking – movement for community involvement in placemaking
Innovation Districts – identifying cities’ Silicon Valley districts
Smart Cities – tech-enabled cities utilizing advanced sensemaking 
Tactical Urbanism – short-term interventions that inform long-term change
Coliving – shared amenities in multi-family buildings
Cohousing – co-ownership in an intentional community/buildingCo-op – co-ownership in a building or business

Shared Prosperity – work to increase the incomes and welfare of the less well-off
Equitable Development – place-based policies and programs to meet the needs of underserved communities

Commongrounds – 500+ member-owned real estate cooperative in Traverse City, MI as a community hub
Be The Change Cooperative – A cooperative supporting the development of place-based cooperatives in neighborhoods

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