People would crowdsource piazzas if they had the chance…

If given the opportunity to crowdsource a vision for their downtown, what would a triple-bottom-line (economically, socially, environmentally) oriented crowd come up with? Given the emerging generations‘ preferences for pedestrian-only places, local and independent businesses, human-scaled architecture, smaller more attainably-priced downtown residences, and both spontaneous and formal outdoor social gathering places, from outside dining scenes to plaza-based movies, concerts and public markets…

…expect to see more pedestrian streets and plazas, like the one pictured above, which can be described as an authentic piazza, a pedestrian-only square fronted on four sides by buildings. Where is this? It doesn’t exist, but it was created as a 3D model to help provide a tangible example of the kind of place that people want, yet have nothing to point to as that example. The closest as far as already built is The Piazza in Philadelphia, albeit perhaps lacking in human-scaled buildings and warmth. The closest as far as in the works is the piazza in Bristol, CT, whose vision was crowdsourced by the community.

If you would like to be introduced to the team that can produce such scenes for your community, and affordably as well via, email The piazza above measures 120 x 150 feet at a more intimate size, while the piazza below is designed at 190 x 140 feet, large enough for a concert stage.

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