GOOD’s ‘complete street’ interactive graphic

What happens when the folks at Good Magazine, where the triple bottom line meets great visual design in a magazine, sets their sights on livable streets? You get The Street of the Future is a Livable Street: How to overhaul a Manhattan intersection interactive graphic, with before and after shots. In partnership with the Livable Streets Initiative (a livable streets social network), they illustrate what is known as a complete street that accommodates pedestrians, bicyclists, motorists and public transport alike.

The ten key ‘complete street’ elements that they list:
1. Street vendors – help make streets into destinations.
2. Pedestrian street lamps – people need lighting at least as much as cars.
3. Curb extensions or bulb-outs – narrows the street at crosswalks.
4. Dedicated bus lanes – allows buses to be as efficient as light rail.
5. Dedicated bike lanes – allows bikes to be as efficient as well.
6. Raised, textured sidewalks – huge aesthetic difference, and clear distinction as a pedestrian-first zone.
7. Traffic lights with a leading pedestrian interval – gives pedestrians a headstart before cars start turning into their lane.
8. Bollards – Non-obtrusive pedestrian protectors.
9. Street trees and plantings – arguably the biggest aesthetic enhancer for any street.
10. Speed bump – classic traffic calming.

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