How does your city stack up among ‘America’s Most Romantic’?

Some cities have that intangible quality that sets them apart. I think a large factor in creating that essence is how much romance it inspires. The folks at Tango Magazine: Smart Talk About Love via Reader’s Digest spent a compelling amount of time looking into this in their write-up, America’s Most Romantic Cities.

They singled out New York, Miami, New Orleans, San Francisco as the most romantic, but better yet, they provided insight on where to…

Meet: On the beach in Miami at the Nikki Beach Club (pictured); a coffeehouse in Seattle; between the lions at the New York Public Library; cajun dancing at Tipitina’s in New Orleans (NOLA)
Build the excitement: At an open-air Latin dance club in Miami;
Fight On the subway platform in New York; in the surf in Miami; at Pike’s Place Market in Seattle; the Saturn Bar in NOLA
Hide and sulk: NY’s Metropolitan Museum of Art with a view of the Hudson; Ocean Beach in SF; Cafe Sambal with a terrace overlooking Biscayne Bay, Miami;
Make up: Strolling through Manhattan’s Diamond District or public gardens; on NOLA St. Charles Avenue streetcar; served dinner in private alcoves with platform beds at B.E.D. in Miami;
Celebrate the reconciliation: A drink at the Ponchartrain Hotel in NOLA, truly make up at The Soniat House or Hotel Maison de Ville; and recover at Commander’s Palace in the Garden District;
Have daring sex: Back of a cab or between stops on the G train in New York City; Twin Peaks lookout in SF
Bring up taboo topics: Good Vibration’ Antique Vibrator Museum in SF
Relive famous pairings: J. Lo and… in Miami; Sharon Stone and Michael Douglas in Basic Instinct; Woody Allen and Diane Keaton in NYC; Tom Hanks and Meg Ryan in Seattle
Only in … can you: Stay up all night and then go out for dinner in NYC; rollerblade in a string bikini without attracting attention in Miami; make out at the top of Space ‘Needle’.

Can you make up a list for your town? Or rather, do you live one?

Image source: JoDiver

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