The first VIBE beta community meets in DC

Last night, 14 people – Lisa, Angela, Christian, Mike, Sarah, Joey, Justin, Ayari, Raj, Ritu, Heather, Robert, myself and business owner/VIBE Linda – met over pizza, beer and wine to discuss, as a beta community, what Washington DC’s next cafe/bar/coffeehouse should be. It was the first ever VIBE beta community, as well as DC’s first beta community. Two hours later we had laid out the foundation for what very well may be the coolest, most innovative venue in Washington DC.

You’d actually have to live in the area and join the DC Beta Community to find out what happened at the meeting. The group decided to keep their ideas open source, but only to participants – the norm for open source development. However, please do submit a request to join here, along with your answers to the three questions everyone at the meeting answered:

1. Your name/background
2. What your interest in the beta community is
3. What one of your favorite relevant venues are and why (or if you could combine two of your favorites together, what would they be).

That took up most of the first half of the meeting, followed by Linda’s vision for opening a new venue using the open source methodology.

The fun took off in the second half with everyone’s (and I do mean everyone’s) input into what will make this the most desired third place in DC, followed by a discussion on how the beta community would be compensated and recognized as ‘co-owners’ so to speak.

All I can say is this won’t be just another bar/cafe/coffeehouse, but a triple-bottom-line destination that establishes a sense of community beyond the neighborhood and becomes a portal for related business ventures that reinforce its core vision.

The bottom line is you need to establish a VIBE beta community in your neighborhood!

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