Reader Q&A: “Can you give sources for your photos? I always love ’em and want to follow up.”

Let’s do one better. Why don’t we all pool our most inspiring photos, the ones that inspire us to say, “Wow, I wish that was in my neighborhood!”. There’s no better source for this of course than Flickr, and coincidentally, we’ve just set up a group photo pool called Cool Places right here.

If you’re not a Flickr user, it’s quick, free and painless to sign up. If you are a Flickr member, just click on the Join this group? link on the group page and share your photos! It’s highly preferable to write a short story behind the photo (I’ve got a headstart with over 900 on this website :)… and also, that your image passes the “Wow, I wish that was in my neighborhood!” test. It’s just as valuable to recruit other people who have such photos you’ve no doubt come across. It’s also important to assure you that the photos have to meet a certain quality benchmark. By the way, image sharing is also a standard beta community tool.

Also, surely I’ll be requesting use of your photo on this website as well, with due credit. Really, that’s what open source is all about – there’s just too much undiscovered gold out there, too many extroardinary places that strike emotional chords, not to be discovered.

See the new Share Photos link in the upper right column.

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