Having fun connecting with people over food, play and making an impact

There are many of us who feel that food, play and contributing to a cause can start to get routine-like. Thankfully, the innovation-tracking folks at Springwise have spotted some new ways to spice things up in those areas of our lives.

Group dining: You know there are people in your social or work circle that want to try out new restaurants or return to old favorites, but which friends, and which restaurants? Crazymenu not only allows the group to vote on where to eat, but once you pick one and choose to order out, you even have the option of allowing them to submit exactly what they want.

Group playing: Miss the days of playing Twister, Perfection, Rock’em Sock’em Robots or even Musical Chairs? Not those who venture out to Play Date Atlanta, where for $10 you enter what they bill as the alternative to the ‘club, bar, lounge scene’ and get down for spontaneous games of Scattergories and Hungry Hungry Hippos.

Group greening: If you’re looking for something more meaningful, check out Green Thing, where participants are given a ‘green thing’ to do each month, record what they’ve done about it online, then watch as their impact is collectively measured. The current green thing is to walk once (how fitting, no pun intended), so there’s an activity your friends can creatively find to do together and actually have your resultant environmental savings recognized for posterity…

…then at the end of the walk, meeting at the restaurant you voted on…

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