Face-face social networking on the rise in condos

We all know emerging populations are migrating to social networking websites by the millions, so it was a matter of time before this manifested in the built environment, as hinted at in an earlier entry here.

Based on the recent NY Times article, A Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood, new condos in the city come with bricks-and-mortar social networking amenities as standard equipment. Instead of virtual chat lounges, discussion boards and group portals, residents are enjoying physical:
Cinemas (some with day beds), wet bars, squash courts, outdoor rain showers, poker tables, big screens, barbecue areas, wine cellars, libraries, children’s playrooms and pools, gyms, sun decks and lounge areas, cinema with day beds, lap pools, covered outdoor dog parks, outdoor basketball courts with bleachers…

Instead of spontaneous digital get togethers, residents participate in face-face:
Movie nights, book clubs, water volleyball, Monday night sports, spring flings, Friday night cocktails, floor mixers, TV show nights, rotating summer parties, golf tournaments…

Not to be left out, these buildings also have YouTube, Flickr and MySpace web pages for 24/7 networking.

Some of the resident quotes from the article:

“Instead of staying up in our apartment, we always stay here [community spaces]. Sometimes we have two, three tables joined so everyone can talk.”

“It has a small neighborhood feel to it, like its own little town.”

“Everyone was so friendly upon my arrival. All of my neighbors came out to say hello to me and ask if I needed anything.”

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