Applying IM principles to a CoolTown

Based on what makes IM so popular for next gen-ers (blogged yesterday), here’s how that can apply to CoolTowns:

Next gen-ers are infinitely comfortable using the internet. CoolTowns will not only have high-speed internet everywhere, it’ll be wireless everywhere.

Next gen-ers are very used to a bottom-up structure. CoolTowns will be designed bottom-up, with the future residents shaping the town vision before it’s built. Governance will be bottom-up as well, with co-ops and guilds a common feature.

Next gen-ers have a tremendous diversity of friends and associates. Diversity is fundamental to a CoolTown. It’s also associated to job growth.

Next gen-ers hate routines. CoolTowns are 24-hour places, so whatever your ‘routine’ is or isn’t, it fits.

Finally, IM is a forum for sponaneous chat. A CoolTown is designed to have countless such forums (ie third places) for face-face chat.

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