Truly innovative CoolTown developers

When’s the last time you came across a real estate developer with these principles, in this priority:

1. Progressive, livable communities
2. Comfortable, engaging, healthy homes and workplaces
3. The lowest total monthly costs to own on the market
4. High quality for the price and low maintenance
5. A commitment to the environment we all live in
6. Renewable energy-powered whenever possible

These are word-word from Solar Village, as CoolTown-oriented a developer as you’ll ever find. It should be no surprise their current project is in one of the most contemporary new villages in the country (and so is their office).

Unfortunately, the following principles are more familiar of the typical yet soon-to-be-fading industrial age real estate developer:

1. Mass-produced subdivisions, office parks and strip centers based on 1960s infrastructure.
2. Mass-produced homes and stand-alone office towers.
3. ‘Luxury’, ‘premium’ residences. ‘Class A’ office space. Manufactured housing.
4. McMansion plastic and vinyl. Planned obsolescence.
5. A commitment to replication of the existing built environment.
6. What’s renewable energy?

Then again, there’s Solar Village. You can even invest in them.

Know of any innovative developers? Please comment below…

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