Young adults, kids have great ideas too

Sometimes, even better than those who are making decisions in how we plan and build our communities. The more we listen to a diversity of people, including age and gender, the healthier our places will be. For instance…

In the industrial age, mass production allowed only a few lucky managers to make the decisions of many. This is quite evident in one of the greatest mass production results of all time: suburban sprawl – which has little reflection of the needs of children, teens, the elderly, women and economically disadvantaged, nor does it embrace cultural, ethnic and occupational variety.

In the information age and evolution to mass customization, the needs and opinions of all ages, gender, income and culture will be a natural part of decision-making. If you want a preview of the future, just start asking a diversity of people what kind of town they’d like to live in. The ones from kids are especially fun to listen to, and the ones from teens and young adults are the most encouraging – just ask them!

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