CoolMobility. So, what about the Segway?

If you don’t want to get yelled at, don’t ride it on the sidewalks in the city.

If you want to look cool riding a Segway, you’ll have to ride it in the streets. That way, the public perception will be that you’re someone who’s triumphed over traffic congestion, saved thousands by not buying a car and is starting a trend for pedestrian-oriented streets. However, if you ride it on sidewalks, people will give you looks like you’re lazy, have way too much money for your own good and simply getting in the way. They’ll also yell at you, “Why don’t you get off and walk you lazy bum!” Standing a foot taller than everyone else doesn’t help – maybe it’s the SUV thing.

I’ve never ridden one and prefer other alternatives (which I’ll get to this week), but I’m seeing more of them and looking forward to watching people’s reactions.

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