I want a car… sometimes

In a pedestrian-oriented town, it’d be nice if you had a car to do the occasional big errand, picking up friends at the airport or going out on a date. However, the frustration of finding parking and getting parking tickets is usually too much to bear.

So I tried Zipcar. I made a quick online reservation, walked a few blocks, waved a ‘smartcard’ at the windshield and opened the keyless door. Away I went, and back I came, right to the Zipcar’s permanent reserved parking spot. Brand new car, no stopping for gas, no paying for insurance, no maintenance., just getting from point a to point b and back. Total cost for 3 hours – $25.

What I learned: By myself, a cab would have cost the same, but picking up someone along the way, it cost both us collectively less. It was also a lot of fun – driving a new car with a reserved parking spot in a city is kinda priceless.

Check out Flexcar for a car sharing alternative that costs even less.

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