How to create affordable office space in a CoolTown

1. Preserve old buildings and walkable neighborhoods (less parking costs). Outdated, inflated parking requirements is easily the #1 reason why investors ignore cities and town centers.
2. Build office interiors with an open floor plan system (few or no walls, just like the new home trend) and exposed ceilings. Not only does this reduce costs, but it also creates a greater sense of space and creativity.
3. For entrepreneurs and artists, provide offices that share reception areas/conference rooms/office equipment (like where I’m at) that provide the advantages of a big office without the hassle and price tag.
4. Use your free ‘neighborhood offices’; the third places with 50 mb/sec wireless megaband (50x faster than DSL), from local hot spots like Tryst Cafe to nationals like Starbucks*.
5. Work at home! In a CoolTown, you’d have at the very least 100 mb/sec (100x faster than DSL)

* CoolTowns prioritize locals over nationals, simply because they’re more in tune with the community.
** Do the lamps in the third photograph look familiar?

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