How important is arts & entertainment in a CoolTown?

It’s like peanut butter & jelly in a PB&J sandwich – what you see on the outside is the ‘bread’ (the city’s buildings, streets), but it’s what’s inside that makes it great – just like the people at this film festival ‘in between’ the buildings of Switzerland.

This week I’ll cover specifically how some visionary investors plan on adding the best in arts & entertainment (A&E) to the CoolTown model. In the meantime, I’ll recap what the blog has covered: Creativity stimulates economic development, grand public spaces provide outdoor stages for performances, third places provide the indoor stages, artists’ need for inexpensive housing and workspace, and HP’s cooltown rocks, a futuristic video of how A&E and technology could fuse in a CoolTown (although the technology needs to be way, way more invisible.)

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