It’s all about the tenants

A wise man* once told me that the key to building a community is getting the tenants committed first, as in before design, permitting, capital raising, construction, etc.

So, the first step in the implementation of a great arts & entertainment (A&E) town would mean building a virtual community of artists and entertainers. That was crystalized to me tonight when I stopped by a hosted reception of those practicing in and supportive of A&E . Not only did they already have a virtual community, but they all clearly understood the multiplying benefits of building a counterpart physical community, especially one with complementary tenants in marketing and distribution technology that could significantly grow their business.

So, after meeting a painter, a musician, a singer and a producer tonight (as well as a dance instructor, film maker and photographer the previous night) and hearing their genuine enthusiasm for the social and economic benefits of building a cooltown (physically and virtually), I knew I was on the right track.

*The legendary Joe Alfandre, founder of Kentlands and my good buddy.

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