The economy of an A&E CoolTown

As usual, business-related decisions come down to money and economics. So how do we create an economically sustainable environment for artists & entertainers?

Increase their revenue: Provide multiple places for them to perform or display their talent regularly, establish the first ever neighborhood-branded ‘one-click’ online store for their work in digital format, offer collaborative educational courses at permanent classrooms, form a local guild to market their talent collectively and support a local A&E channel showcasing regional talent 24 hours a day.

Decrease their expenses: Offer low-rent/mortgage homes and workspace, provide a low-cost community multimedia production studio, enact tax breaks, establish a trade-for-services system that substitutes time for money and build a national product distribution system that works on contingency fees rather than upfront capital.

Tomorrow: What it all looks like and what some visionary investors are proposing.

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