Investing in A&E CoolTowns

Here’s the experience arts & entertainment vision an investment collaborative will be implementing in a few lucky cities around the country.

1. To have an onsite residency of artists, musicians, video producers, entertainers and entrepreneurs, they will ensure a substantial amount of affordable, well-designed housing and workspace.
2. To catalyze ongoing performances, practices, dances and major live events, they will provide ‘stages’ via a piazza, a 30,000 sf community center/dance/concert hall and multiple small-venue third places.
3. To allow the artists in the community to collaborate with each other, they will build an arts & entertainment intranet to share songs, videos, images and files over an ultra-high-speed fiber optic network.
4. To help these artists create revenue, they will provide $2 million in matching grants to utilize technology in the distribution and marketing of their music, dance, film and art around the world.
5. To support local talent and help create a happening social scene, they’ll consider initiating contemporary versions of American Bandstand and teen dance centers that flourished during the heyday of the fifties and sixties.

You can track their progress here.

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