Communities vs. cliques

Community: A group of people living in the same locality; a group of people having common interests
Clique: A small exclusive group of friends or associates.

When we think of ‘friends’, we often think of them as cliques – people we regularly hang out with. However, being exclusive by definition, cliques also include country clubs and gangs. Either way, they typically aren’t very diverse.

I believe a CoolTown will be more about community than cliques. Rather than asking the people in your clique what they’d like to do on Friday night week after week, more people will be choosing among myriad entertainment choices first, then meeting up spontaneously with people they know there. Why? In our evolution towards diversity, tolerance and choice and away from exclusivity, it’s a natural progression. It encourages individuals to do what they’re most passionate about, find out what’s really out there and still have the best of friends, maybe even better ones. It’s up to us to provide enough of those choices in the towns we build.

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