What’s a typical week in a health-oriented town?

How do you know you’re in a healthy town? Just walk around and look. For some reason, the people at suburban Walmarts just don’t seem nearly as fit as those strolling through city downtowns.

Here’s my list of choices in a typical week: Less than one block away: Pick-up basketball games, throwing a frisbee, running up and down stairs, jogging to the grocery or drugstore. Just a few blocks away: Walking to the subway, yoga, salsa dancing, jogging to my gym and more pick-up basketball (or swimming). One easy subway ride away: Swing, zydeco, hand dancing, ultimate frisbee, pick-up football, kickball games.

Not only are these activities physically healthy, but they’re all very convenient to get to (and without driving). Most importantly, they’re fun!

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