What are CoolTown-oriented shoes?

What’s a typical week in a health-oriented town?There really is such a thing, in my opinion. Once I got ‘urban dress/walking shoes’, I found myself getting twice as much exercise.

Go to Nike and look up “prestos”. My shoe expert of a friend recommended I get these when I asked him if there was such a thing as shoes I could go to a meeting with, and run in. Well, for my sake, these shoes are just that! Not only do I wear these to business meetings, but I ran a ten mile race in them too! They’re extremely comfortable, light and flexible, yet have a simple black exterior that allows me to get away with them in more formal settings. Or you can do what women in the city do – carry another pair of shoes.

If more of our footwear was designed for comfort rather than show, I guarantee you we’d be walking a lot more. I’ll make sure that when we build the first new CoolTown, at least one of the stores sells footwear like this.

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