Investing in a sense of security in a CoolTown

The most effective sense of security comes in being around people you know, and CoolTowns make that easier. Most importantly, it reduces the fear of being unsafe, which keeps way too many people inside and perpetuates a vicious cycle of ever fewer people going out. Here’s what investors are looking to do:

1. Create a high enough density of people to have ‘eyes on the street’ security at all times.
2. Attract a diversity of housing types, stores, restaurants, services and workplaces that promote street activity at different hours, day and night.
3. Establish a walkable environment rather than an auto-oriented environment, as previously mentioned by a chief of police from an award-winning community policing program.
4. Promote myriad meeting places, plazas, third places and social venues to get people out in public areas, the best security system of all.

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