Fast food – not in a CoolTown

There are many reasons why fast food doesn’t jive with a CoolTown, and here’s a whole book of them. Below are listed just a few:

Health: There are many ways town planning can promote health, and avoiding these is one of them.

Local economy: I’ve got an upcoming week’s blog on this, but fast food chains simply take more money out of the local economy than local entrepreneurs. The National Main Street Center is the best resource on this.

Community spirit: The more fast food restaurants you have promoting movie blockbusters, the less local favorites you have promoting watching the movie itself.

People say they frequent national chains because they trust what they’re getting. I believe that the stronger the sense of community, the greater that trust will be in finding out what they’re missing from the local cafes.

Read about the parallels of fast food to the mcmansion proliferation, and the antithesis of fast food via the slow food movement.

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