Investing in cool places to eat

So what kind of restaurants will the ultimate CoolTown have? That’s like asking what kind of movies will be produced if your studio worked with only the most creative independent directors, writers and actors – one can only imagine.

The best ideas will come from asking the most creative people, then finding the entrepreneurs to run it. One clear factor is that the creative inhabitants of CoolTowns need affordable places to eat – it’s about fun dining more than fine dining. They also don’t need venues where the chefs and service are wildly creative, but that they are the source of creativity: Hot pots, mongolian, shabu shabu, ethiopian, fondue, mix-your-own-drink bars (OK this doesn’t exist as far as I can find, but it probably will soon enough).

Add a few experience-oriented restaurants, like communal service, eating in the dark (only in Manhattan), authentic ethnic, live music or a movie, provide a giant collective outdoor room (see picture), and you’re dining in a CoolTown.

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