Distance learning will help the small to trump the big

Small businesses can’t compete financially with larger corporations, but the can move quicker and smarter. So can smaller city governments and universities. Distance learning can help.

In my last full day in Hawaii (stopping over in Honolulu), I visited the largest university in Hawaii, the University of Hawaii at Manoa, to learn more about their distance learning program as a means of exporting their local cultural assets. One parking ticket and several referrals later, I was able to ask the right person, “Do you have a distance learning program?” “Not yet” was the reply. When I asked if they were working on it, the reply was, “I said, not yet, OK?”

Meanwhile, I had completed a distance learning class (Hawaiian language) from the diminuitive University of Hawaii at Hilo (in my hometown) the year before. Little Hilo got my $520, and all I got from the university giant UH Manoa was some respect issues. Guess who’s going to be richer sooner?

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