When everyone else is on their morning commute…

This week’s blog focuses on jobs and worklife, ending with what our investment associates are doing about it.

Perhaps it’s easiest to illustrate what worklife will be in a CoolTown by comparing it to working in an office park:

1a. Instead of getting up at 6:00 am to beat the rush hour, you’ll be getting up at 7:00 am to walk or transit to work, or at 8:00 am if you work at home.

1b. Instead of getting home at 7:00 pm because of rush hour, you’ll be getting home by 6:00 pm via walking or transit, or 4:00 am if you want to cap your work day at your fiber optic-connected home workstation.

2a. Instead of getting excited at what new menu item the cafeteria is providing today, you’ll be enthused at what new menu items the dozen adjacent restaurants are offering.

2b. Instead of talking about what’s wrong with your company with colleagues over lunch, you’ll be talking about new opportunities in your industry with people from other ventures.

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