Communities of Commerce

A business is only as good as its strategy, leadership and talent – and a community of commerce (eg a network of local businesses working together with a common purpose) is no different.

The first step to creating strong, sustainable job growth is strategizing what your city’s business talent is good at and where the growing business opportunities are. This is the clustering of strengths, as described yesterday. The next step is to identify the leaders by assembling the most creative businesses and individuals, as they are who will be your agents of change. The third step is to build a village where the nightlife, arts & entertainment, affordable housing and workspaces, and socially active environment will attract the best talent.

Over time, a community of commerce will emerge, that is, a community of businesses working together as a cohesive, resonating, cross-pollinating economy, a concept that is well-documented in the book Going Local: Creating Self Reliant Communities in a Global Age

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