The third place and the communal table

What’s the equivalent of the piazza in Italy when it comes to third places? Maybe the communal dining table.

In the heart of Old Town, Alexandria, VA, The Best Coffeehouse in the Washington DC Area (as voted by the readers of Washingtonian Magazine), Misha’s takes its coffee more than seriously. However, its popularity largely permeates from the sense that you can spend the whole afternoon there free of guilt, especially at their communal table (pictured). One of my friends should know – he fell asleep at that table one afternoon, and we eventually left him behind.

Two other favorite third places (recently featured here) with communal tables are Tryst Cafe and The Dairy Godmother.

Fast Company magazine lists five great ones around the country here.

ps We waited discreetly across the street for my friend to find us after we called him on his cell phone.

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