The Experience Town

One CoolTown goal is for its residents to exclaim, “Now this is a living and working experience!”

The authors of the Experience Economy listed five guidelines: 1) how well the theme or organizing principle is carried out; 2) the degree to which there is harmony of the impressions or “take-aways” of the experience; 3) the elimination of “negative cues” or distractions from the theme; 4) the memorabilia associated with the experience; and, 5) how well the experience is designed for all the senses.

Here’s a quick CoolTown rundown on that list:

1) How pervasive, sincere and effective is the walkable, affordable, sense of community, creative theme?
2) Do the store/restaurant staff/prices/menu, architecture, street layout, entertainment, art, housing and workplaces jive seamlessly with the theme?
3) Are over-priced, over-sized, non-community (ie national big boxes) establishments and parking lots kept to a minimum?
4) Can visitors buy neighborhood artist compilations of music, writings? Is there a way to experience town events remotely via high-speed internet?
5) Are the sounds and sights consistent with the theme? Can people interact easily? Are the restaurants creating a buzz?

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